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bandella vista mare

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  1. Passeggiata a mare between Lerici and San Terenzo; young people holding hands and sometimes kissing. Middle-aged couples saying, “he said that… then I told him…”. “But he doesn’t want to understand…”. Seniors talking about food and recipes. The sea may observe, but will it listen?

  2. Solaro a small village above Lerici. Looking at the sea, infinity … from the terrace of the ARCI club, life seems to stop for a moment.

  3. Devoggio a hamlet of Arogno under Monte Generoso, is a hidden corner principle, inspiration, sometimes frustration, but also the faithful refuge of my friend Claudio.

  4. Friedberg-Jodel was born in Friedberg, a small hill in the city of Lucerne where Albin Brun lives. A seemingly traditional melody with a rather special accompaniment.

  5. Cascina California was a very special tavern born in the countryside but then swallowed up by Milan.  A meeting place for everyone, a daily community, truly lived, with an unlit cigar in the mouth.

  6. Cheerab a magnificent word in the Appenzell dialect, as they call the last dance of a “Stobede”, that is, a traditional dance party.

  7. Villa Angelica an old villa in the middle of a rather ugly village, a mysterious and timeless presence, covered in greenery, unchanged since it was built 100 years ago.  Nostalgia and perhaps provocation.

  8. Fiera a memory of a Greek festival with a religious ceremony and horses, in the night three orchestras playing at maximum volume in the same square; dances, horses and broken chairs. In the morning the square is empty, some old men strum.

  9. Strada Vecchia 5 a small house in the middle of a vineyard, a hammock hanging between two olive trees, children playing…

  10. Pierino & Felice look like two carefree and smiling friends. (Lucky them!)

  11. Tino an uninhabited island in the Gulf of La Spezia, no longer land, not yet sea.

  12. Orsmu a small village with a very popular wedding chapel, inhabited by proud farmers, including one with a gigantic combine harvester; in the harvest season, when it passes, it makes all the houses shake.

  13. Valera a green island in the heart of Medrisiotto, where the legendary Buzzi brothers have managed the grotto of the same name for years, a pleasant meeting point with a touch of unpredictable poetry.