Bandella vista mare

The bandella is a mini version of the town band.  But, in fact, it is much more than that.  In the past, you could find a bandella performing in towns and villages all over northern Italy.  These small, local bands were part of everyday life.  No village party, carnival or wedding, or even funeral, took place without a bandella.  Now, the bandella survives only in Ticino.

Bandella chilometro 0, Pierino and the Wolves and special guests Albin Brun (soprano saxophone) and Matteo “Peo” Mazza (drums) come together in a project that starts with the traditions of the bandella, amplified and immersed in a sea of folk and contemporary improvisation.  The compositions are all original, written and interpreted specifically for this collaboration.

A certain simplicity, love of rhythm, playfulness and even serious moments, melody and irony are the ingredients of our music to which is added a spicy touch: improvisation.

In Quechua, an ancient indigenous language of the Andes; Spanish version see MEDIA